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UO Law slips from #78 to #86, Willamette, Lewis & Clark far below.

Last year it was UO #78, Lewis & Clark #92, and Willamette #132 in the US News rankings.

This year it’s UO #86, Lewis & Clark #100, and Willamette #142.

If only UO Law had the sort of money that Dana Altman has been throwing at Duck athletic excellence.


  1. not your money 03/24/2017

    Separate budget silos, even separate academic records. If a regular academic advisor tries to pull up records on athletes it gets blocked and logged. On the other side of the Jock-in-the-box firewall, athletics has access to pull grades on any student they want. Athletics does take money from the University [read: money that could go to Academics] but they are quite good at making it blend in with their other revenues to make it look like they are self supporting. The law school had been getting some budget incentives for not unionizing, so save your pity for CAS and what they are dealing with.

    • UO Matters Post author | 03/24/2017

      Sounds like you know something about the Jock Box operations. Any more details?

  2. Gone Girl 03/25/2017

    I’ve got zero pity for the law school.

  3. honest Uncle Bernie 03/25/2017

    Gee, the Knight Law School is mediocre and slipping. Phil must be thinking, Is this what I get for my money?

    Little wonder if he is reluctant to come through for the “academic side.”

    By the way, the stinking and sinking rankings of all three law schools is an embarrassment for Oregon. I mean, I know we’re a hick state, but come on.

  4. honest Uncle Bernie 03/25/2017

    btw, a story in the weekend WSJ says that American single malts are challenging the Scotch — as this is your specialty, what you think, UOM?

  5. Luke Jackson 03/26/2017

    Oregon Ducks Going to the Final Four! Go Ducks!

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