University administrator to repay $300,000

12/27/2010: A Law Dean at the University of Maryland. From the Chronicle and the Sun:

Former Maryland law dean agrees to return more than $300,000

Rothenberg reaches settlement with attorney general, will return to full-time faculty duties in January 

December 22, 2010|By Childs Walker, The Baltimore Sun 
The former dean of the University of Maryland School of Law has agreed to return more than $300,000 of a $350,000 bonus questioned in a state legislative audit earlier this year, the attorney general’s office announced Wednesday.
The legislative audit, released in February, revealed that former dean Karen Rothenberg received $410,000 in “questionable” payments between fiscal 2007 and fiscal 2009. The audit embarrassed the state university system and hastened the retirement of Rothenberg’s former boss, University of Maryland, Baltimore President David Ramsay.
Rothenberg had agreed to return $60,000 earlier in the year, and she agreed to return the rest, minus taxes she has already paid on it, as part of the settlement. She will repay $311,398 in two installments, due at the end of this year and next June. She cannot face state prosecution for her actions in accepting the payments.

Here in Oregon this sort of thing was endemic under President Frohnmayer – see Moseley and of course Bellotti. OUS Chancellor Pernsteiner has done his best to keep up the tradition, with the golden parachute he gave Frohnmayer.

The UO Foundation did the same when Karen Kreft left – a huge benefits add on, and another $296,000 of retirement pay on top, if we read the IRS 990 correctly. And we assume Pernsteiner will get a similar buyout, if Kitzhaber gives him the boot.

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