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Posts tagged as “UO Administration”

Department Heads’ Retreat – Booster’s aren’t going to give for academics.

Thanks to the faculty who wore wires, and the underpaid web workers at the Mechanical Turk for their transcriptions. Many pages of details after the fold. I’d say the most revealing parts are when Provost Coltrane and his VP for Finance Jamie Moffitt reveal that UO’s well is far from…

Bev Stilwell to step down?

4/20/2012: That’s the rumor from the Executive Leadership Team washroom. Word is they are trying to keep it quiet so they can appoint a new AVP without having to go through that troublesome affirmative action compliant public search process. Maybe Davis will shift Moseley over to the job?

Lariviere hires Berdahl

10/7/2011: From Greg Bolt in the RG: Robert Berdahl will work just under half time, about two days a week, on a variety of efforts, such as helping align the state’s ongoing restructuring of higher education with Lariviere’s proposals for how the higher education system should be run and funded.…

FIRE investigates firing of ASL instructor Peter Quint

7/11/2011 Update: These two Daily Emerald stories, and especially the comments, are worth reading. Two sides to every story. Everyone agrees Dean Bullis botched it though. 7/8/2011: From Lyzi Diamond in the Oregon Commentator: The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has launched an investigation into the termination of…

Russ Tomlin retires?

7/6/2011: That’s the rumor. He’s no longer in the UO Directory – not even as an Emeritus faculty. New rumor is he’s been given a terminal contract, keeping his job as VP for Academic Affairs until next June. Should reappear in the directory shortly.

Well-paid UO Consultants

6/9/2016: Those ingrates at Huron Higher Ed consultants have almost finished their $1.789 million consulting job, leaving behind this description of the UO administrators that hired them, and “The Oregon Way”: UO Matters is running its own competition for the best definition of “The Oregon Way”. Enter yours in the…