Scandal over rehiring of retired administrators

in Wisconsin, that is. Here in Oregon this would just be normal everyday corrupt cronyism. Scams like this have been a part of the standard retirement packages for top administrators ever since Dave Frohnmayer wrote special deals for Dan Williams, Lorraine Davis, and John Moseley. We’ve spent millions of student money on these retirement packages. No one blinks an eye – it’s so much fun to spend other people’s money on your friends. What will Lariviere give Rich Linton, Frances Dyke, Russ Tomlin and the other recent “retirees”? 10/14/2011.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting article. It seems that the Associated Press is the way to go to get the issues at a particular university in Oregon to clean up its act regarding Double Dipping. Thank you UO Matters. Mind posting the AP contact number?