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How did Pernsteiner become Chancellor?

1/31/2011: George Pernsteiner is pretty much unique among university chancellors in not having a PhD – not that there’s anything wrong with that. So how did he end up pulling down $350K in salary and benefits from a state that’s been slashing higher ed spending?

In 2004 OUS Board President Neil Goldschmidt appointed Pernsteiner as acting Chancellor without a search. The RG editorial board wrote:

Pernsteiner was chosen without any of the hallmarks of a chancellor’s hiring – no nationwide search, no interviews, no public process.

Then in 2005, the new OUS Board President made it permanent – again, no search or public process:

Appointment of the Chancellor: Henry Lorenzen, president of the Board, proposed that members appoint George Pernsteiner as chancellor of the Oregon University System; … The Board voted unanimously to suspend the Internal Management Directive to complete a search for this position, and approved the appointment of George Pernsteiner as chancellor.

We’ll find out soon if Kitzhaber is going to allow this to happen a third time.

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