Larry Singell will leave UO to be Dean at Indiana

1/25/2011: This is really bad news for UO’s future. IU press release here. UO Pres Lariviere should be firing his current top administrators and promoting people like Associate Dean Singell. Instead he has decided to keep the deadwood while focusing on his new partnership plan, and now one of our best potential replacements is leaving.

Meanwhile, rumor is that Provost Bean asked the people doing Russ Tomlin’s performance review to go easy on him, because he didn’t want to have to replace him for another 2 years. Yes, they apparently are doing performance reviews of administrators now – not that they will admit this to the faculty. How do you review the VP for Academic Affairs without asking the faculty what they think of his performance?

I’m sorry, I know this is a rude post. But I’ve put my professional career into UO. I deserve to have some input and get some minimal level of competence from the administration. We all do. And we all would even if Provost Bean’s claim that we are only spending 38% of what our peers do on administration was actually true:

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