Liz Denecke on public records reform: Paid to act dumb.

1/28/2011: Regarding Kroger’s new laws. From Stefan Verbano in the ODE:

“I am not going to argue against it (because) I don’t disagree with the intent of making government more open.”

Nice that our Public Records Officer is willing to go on record as not disagreeing with the theory behind her job.

But if you have ever tried making a public record request to her, you’ll know this is bullshit. In practice, her job is delaying and denying – just like Melinda Grier before her. She spends $300,000 a year doing this as obstinately and slowly as possible. Lariviere pays her to act dumb. Go ahead – ask for a record and see. Here’s how.

Denecke is currently trying to stall RG requests for records on the NCAA investigation of the Ducks. (Hi Liz – I got that info from the DOJ – not from your emails.) This will cost UO another $5,000 or so. Out of the general fund, not athletics, of course.

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