new UO scapegoat appointed

1/14/2011: With Melinda Grier gone, the job of UO scapegoat has been open for more than 6 months. It appears the administration has now appointed VPFA Frances Dyke to the position:

Dear Senators:

As you know, the new basketball arena opened last night to
some fanfare and publicity. Although most things ran smoothly,
the parking on campus did not. Many people arriving to campus
for non-basketball purposes were forced to pay $10 to park
even if they had a valid parking permit. Vice President Frances
Dyke has agreed that this charge occurred in error and would
like to rectify this situation with each individual who was charged
inappropriately. This includes all faculty, staff and students.
Please have anyone you know who came to campus yesterday
afternoon and evening for a non-basketball activity and was
charged $10 to write Frances Dyke directly

Thanks very much in advance for forwarding this message to
your colleagues and constituency.


Nathan Tublitz

Nice try Mr. Mullens, but we want the whole $600,000 – and the $2 million of ours that Jim Bean is paying to run the Jock Box too. Meanwhile, rumor is that Frances will be writing those checks out personally. Disturbingly, there is no evidence the normal affirmative action rules were followed during the scapegoat hiring process. Perhaps it’s an interim appointment?

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