RG Op-Ed on a transparent ORI process

1/10/2011: In the RG today:

University of Oregon President Richard Lariviere soon will have an opportunity to turn a corner and bring openness and accountability back into the planning process for the university’s riverfront.

By doing so, he also would be upholding a promise he made last April as he acknowledged mistakes made by the previous administration:

“This institution did not follow acceptable business practices in the past. That will not be repeated under my administration.” …

 If UO and the Riverfront Research Park had followed the rules, ORI’s building would be under construction now. Instead they tried to hide information and bulldoze through this project. These are not acceptable business practices – or university practices. And they don’t work. So even people who favor this development should step back and ask why UO consistently errs on the side of secrecy and shady dealing – even after our President says the problems will be fixed.

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