Kitzhaber education plan

2/22/2011: Stefan Verbano of the ODE has the most complete description of Kitzhaber’s education reform plan I’ve seen yet. Springfield Schools superintendent Nancy Golden is his adviser:

How the governor’s plan will affect the host of higher education bills currently moving through the state legislature has yet to be determined. Golden said the plan is sympathetic to the Oregon University System and University President Richard Lariviere’s pushes for greater university autonomy; their respective restructuring proposals are now being appraised in Salem. At the same time, Kitzhaber still wants to retain some authority over higher education provisions.

“There are things he wants to still have a say in,” Golden said. “He doesn’t want tuition (rates) completely left up to the local university boards.”

Not clear what will happen to OUS yet:

“We have been told that the governor supports OUS’s governance reform efforts,” Saunders said. “We have heard that it’s too early to know whether Board would be dissolved, and that the initial design team will be looking at that.”

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