unauthorized retirement announcement

2/17/2011: The OA’s have been waiting for an email like this:


Yesterday many of you received an email from Frances Dyke, announcing that she “had made this very personal decision” to retire as VP for Finance and Administration, effective June 30 2012.

Contrary to the impression made in her unauthorized email, I am in charge, not her. I have made the decision that Ms Dyke will serve the remainder of her time at UO as an adjunct accounting instructor in the business school, starting next quarter.

I would like to thank Ms Dyke for her years of service to UO. We’ve learned something from those years, and this time we will have an open national search for this important job. I will appoint an interim VPFA shortly.

Provost Jim Bean

But it’s just a dream. Bean is not going to send this email, not least because he himself was appointed to his provost job without a open national search. Dyke really is going to be VPFA until 2012.

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