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Union on UO’s financial condition

2/17/2011: The union organizers have dropped the OA’s from their proposed bargaining unit and if they have any sense they will also drop the part-time NTTF’s – who have very different interests than the faculty and full-time NTTFs. So maybe it’s time to start taking the union seriously. This event should show what support AFT/AAUP could provide in a bargaining session between a UO faculty union and Frances Dyke.

The Financial Condition of the University of Oregon: Examining Revenues, Expenses, and Priorities

When: Thursday, February 17th
3 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Where: 115 Lawrence

Many in the UO community have concerns about the University’s priorities, but understanding those priorities requires following the money. This is what financial analyst and Accounting Professor Howard Bunsis does. The results may surprise many of us and raise additional questions about the university’s revenue streams and trends in expenditures, and whether they express the best interests of faculty, students, and staff at a premier research university. Is it fiscally necessary and socially responsible to drive tuition ever higher? Are the UO’s finances and strategic reserves really so precarious that employee compensation must drag the bottom when compared with other AAU institutions? Professor Bunsis has analyzed institutional budgets for dozens of individual universities and systems across the country, and he has provided expert testimony to legislatures and in collective bargaining arbitrations. Join us for his multi-year analysis of the UO’s finances, a discussion of their implications for UO’s mission and status as a top-flight research institution.

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