Poll shows public support for Lariviere’s plan

3/1/2011: The alumni foundation has a pretty slick website as well. From Inside Oregon:

According to the poll’s results, 70 percent of respondents support the creation of dedicated, locally-based governing boards for each of the state’s public universities, as proposed in Senate Bill 559. Also, 71 percent favored allowing universities to create public/private endowments, which would be enabled under Senate Joint Resolution 20, and 57 percent would support a measure on the ballot next year to authorize the endowments.

Of those who responded to the poll, 61 percent said they want dramatic – not modest – changes to Oregon’s higher education system and 59 percent support decentralized governance of the state’s universities.

The Pernsteiner plan centralizes governance in – no surprise – Chancellor Pernsteiner’s office. And how did a guy without a PhD end up earning $300,000 and telling the state’s research universities how to spend their money? Neil Goldschmidt appointed him.

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