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Rent UO’s President Emeritus for $550 an hour

3/23/2011:  When he retired, Frohnmayer negotiated with OUS Chancellor Pernsteiner for a full-time UO paid sabbatical. Then he used the time to restart his legal career – courtesy of UO students’ tuition dollars. He’s still on the UO payroll for $100,000 a year as “President Emeritus” and we pay for his offices in the Honors College, the law school, his secretary Carol Rydbom, and $186,000 for “expenses”.

And now you can hire him through the law firm Harrang, Long, Gary and Rudnick for just $550 an hour.  Ain’t much, but it’s steady work: his specialty is representing state and local officials accused of ethical violations, misfeasance, and malfeasance:

Complete letter here. Back when Frohnmayer was UO President, Pat Kilkenny had to give him $490,000 to get him to lobby for the $237 million in state bonds for Matt Court. I guess the demand shifts left when you’ve no longer got that much pull with the legislature.

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