AAUP data on faculty salaries

4/20/2011: From Sarah Douglas and Marie Vitulli at UO’s AAUP chapter. Also see the AAUP/AFT faulty union website and the Bunsis analysis of UO finances. President Lariviere’s compensation details are here. He is in the top 22nd percentile of public research schools. Don’t get me started on the Chancellor. Stories by Stefan Verbano in the ODE and Bill Graves in the Oregonian – this with many interesting comments.

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2 Responses to AAUP data on faculty salaries

  1. Anonymous says:

    Would have to see a comparison done by the method of the old white paper/senate budget committee. Perhaps Vituli and Douglas are comparing apples to apples but would have to see. The boost for full professors of less than 5% when you add in benefits is suspicious. In the first place there’s the 6% pickup. Second, the 8% guarantee for Tier 1 people (or the equivalent for ORP people). A Tier 1 ORP person in the coming biennium will get something like 24% retirement benefit. Hard to believe that other schools on that list come anywhere close.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looked on the UO website for the budget committee documents that would have the info that Vitulli et al. reported. Hard to find the budget committee, can’t find the “white paper” or the follow-up documents that they had been compiling annually, comparing faculty salaries, benefits, etc. to peers. Do they still do this? It’s certainly not well-publicized. Perhaps they just don’t care? Or maybe the administration has pummeled them so much about salaries that they just don’t go there anymore?