OSU campus safety officer on illegal steroids

4/18/2011: From Maxine Bernstein in the Oregonian. He was not armed, fortunately. OSU contracts with the Oregon state police for armed officers in those unusual cases where they are needed. When it comes to the debate over an armed and sworn UO police force, I can see arguing this one either way: we need a professional UO police force to prevent hiring people with roid rage, or when we have a professional UO police force people like this will be running around campus with 4×4’s – and guns, tazers, and dogs. From the story:

OSU Public Safety Director Jack Rogers said he was unaware of Beaudoin’s steroid activity when he was hired. Rogers said the background investigation and hiring process did not turn it up. Drug tests are not required as a condition of employment, he said.

What are the chances Doug Tripp plans to do steroid testing on his officers? Portland has only just now decided to do this – and only after a shooting incident. I wonder how long it will take for that to happen here? What’s real clear is that there’s no point in discussing this. Our omniscient and omnipotent administration has made their decision – resistance is futile:

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