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Petition to AG Kroger for Huron contracts and invoices

At some point you start wondering what they are hiding. Maybe we really are paying $100,000 a month out of our ICC money? Maybe they didn’t put the contract out for bid? It would have been much simpler – and much more in the spirit of trust and transparency – for our administration to have simply explained the situation to the faculty. Nope.

From: (UO Matters)
Date: April 6, 2011 5:02:09 PM PDT
To: Kron Michael C
Cc: Elizabeth Denecke , Michael Redding , Andrea McFarlane , Public Records Requests , Moira Kiltie , Richard Linton
Subject: PR Petition, Fwd: PRR request, Huron Consulting

Dear Attorney General Kroger:

Two weeks ago I asked UO Public Records Officer Liz Denecke to provide the documents below.  This Monday I finally received a response from her, offering to sell me these records for $48 and change. I promptly notified Ms Denecke that I would pay this amount, and I have. I still have not received the documents or any response to follow up emails.

This is a simple request for contracts and invoices. In an effort to speed the process I cced the UO official with knowledge of the contracts when I asked Ms Denecke for the documents. This straightforward request should certainly not take the 2 weeks you propose in your new legislation as an upper-bound time frame for providing records, and I believe it is clearly unreasonable under current law.

Therefore I ask you to treat this delay as a denial and I petition you to order UO to produce these documents.

Thanks, (UO Matters)>>>>>>>


  1. Anonymous 04/07/2011

    The Huron contracts and invoices actually cost $130,000 per month of ICC funds. This includes flying 3 of the contractors round trip to Chicago each week, 1 to Utah, and the 5th is from Portland – so no telling what they pay for this. The per hour rate for the 5 contractors range from $250 for Tim Patteron, $200 for Marissa Zuskar, on down to the lowest per hour cost of $75.

    Frances Dyke and Rich Linton initially contracted with Huron to 1) determine what is a policy and 2) who determines policy. Once Paula Robert’s left in April 2010, Frances and/or Rich switched them over to ORSA–not what they were initially contracted to do. All that seems to have been accomplished to this point is dissension for $1,560,000 per year.

  2. UO Matters 04/08/2011

    Thanks Anon

    You don’t happen to know the date these contracts and invoices were pulled for Liz Denecke, do you?

    UO Matters

  3. Anonymous 04/08/2011

    Unfortunately I do not have the date Liz Denecke got the contracts, but it is my understanding there were 4 amendments to the original contract Liz did not let you see.

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