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How UO does a referendum:

6/3/2011: The administration started the year by ignoring student opposition to spending millions of their tuition money on armed, sworn police – while condescendingly telling them, and the faculty, that they had been consulted and informed, and that the proposal would actually save us $76,000 a year.

ASUO President Amelie Rousseau reacted by not trusting anything else she heard from President Lariviere, and then organizing opposition to his legislative New Partnership proposals. Did the administration get the message? From Adeline Bash in the ODE:

The decision to hold off on implementing the new fee on students for the EMU and Student Recreation Center was made last-minute yesterday evening after days of discussion, University Vice President Robin Holmes said.

After a meeting with (new) ASUO President Ben Eckstein, the administration decided to get more student input on the fees through a formal referendum this fall, Holmes said.

But VP Holmes already knows the outcome of this formal referendum:

“I don’t anticipate this slowing us down,” Holmes said. “It’s okay to do the referendum and show we have student support and more forward with it.”

Now there’s a lesson in political science – never hold an election unless you know the winner. Meanwhile, the UO Swat team legislation seems set to pass. Latest report is that Doug Tripp is planning on expanding his force from 16 to 26 – all apparently cruising around in 4×4’s and Police Interceptors. That’s community policing?

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