Give it up, Randy

7/21/2011: UO General Counsel Randy Geller has been trying to find an Associate/Assistant GC for a year now. No takers. He’s getting desperate with this latest job posting from today:

The Office of the General Counsel is a fast-paced, high volume work place.  Its attorneys must be able to handle multiple unrelated matters concurrently, rapidly, and accurately.  Evening and weekend work is a regular feature of the AGC position.  The General Counsel places a premium on the ability to avoid and solve problems by developing practical solutions informed by political, public relations, programmatic, and policy objectives. 

Look, every lawyer in NACUA knows the history – after all, your old boss Melinda Grier was their president. Unless we want to hire someone who has never used Google, UO should first search for a new General Counsel, and then let them fill this position. On the flip side, this part of the ad is as honest as I’ve ever seen:

Candidates must demonstrate a commitment to diversity and the ability to work with divergent personalities.

Familiarity with the DSM will be a plus. 

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