The NCAA Infractions Committee is on the case:

Update: More chatter that the Div 1 football teams will leave the NCAA. That will make a lot of money for some people.

8/18/2011: From Tim Dahlberg, in the RG, on the latest football scandal from Miami:

Much of it allegedly happened under the watch of former Miami athletic director Paul Dee, who would go on to — no, we’re not making this up — become chairman of the NCAA’s committee on infractions. It was from that position last year that Dee came down hard on the University of Southern California in the Reggie Bush case, saying then that “higher-profile players require higher-profile monitoring.” 

It the allegations prove correct, that makes Dee either a hypocrite or someone who was stunningly unaware of what was taking place right under his nose. Either way, it doesn’t do much to inspire confidence in the enforcement efforts of the NCAA.

This is good – the rules that the infractions committee enforces are mainly designed to keep the money the players earn in the hands of the coaches, AD, and NCAA insiders. An incompetent NCAA Infractions Committee, stuffed with conflicts of interest, is optimal.

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