NCAA infractions committee: paid to act stupid?

8/25/2011: The NCAA infractions committee just blackballed some unlucky coach for not fessing up to having an illegal home cookout for his recruits. Ribs? You evil, evil man. Put down the spatula and step away from the grill slowly.

Meanwhile, the committee completely missed the fact that the Fiesta Bowl director was using college football money – including some from UO – to buy off politicians, and that a Miami booster bought a yacht to host parties for the players, with hookers. These scandals – real dirty money scandals – were dug up by reporters. You really think no one on the infractions committee knew about them? When the past chair of the NCAA committee was the AD at Miami during the parties? No photos of him on the yacht, yet.

The committee is getting tough on trivial shit like BBQ’s to distract attention from the fact the NCAA is in bed with the corruption that the billions of dollars in tax-deductible money coming into college football and basketball has created.

Next thing you know they’ll give Chip Kelly the death penalty for slipping some down on his luck street agent 25 large. See – we’re cleaning things up!

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