3 Responses to PSU Vice Provost Mike Burton expense account rip-off

  1. Anonymous says:

    This sort of “travel theft” is endemic to UO. I’ve witnessed faculty exchanging tips on how to best game the system. I’m willing to bet that this sort of behavior stretches back to the beginning of Burton’s career.

  2. uo matters says:

    I’ve been at association meetings where people discussed whether, say, having the annual conference in Chicago in fucking January was really the best way to encourage people to attend. And I get plenty of announcements for legitimate conferences in nice places that play up the culture, weather, etc.

    Some conferences are just obvious shams – Greece in April, we guarantee your paper will be accepted – etc. But I have never known a faculty colleague at UO use state funds for a sham conference of that sort, much less make up a fake conference to justify a vacation or family trip. And I don’t think I’m naive. Maybe it happens, I’ve never seen it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Theft of services is an art form among the privileged class.
    One employee’s UO Diary:
    Male faculty member – fathered child off-shore. In violation of OAR, his Dean advanced three months of paid sick leave so he could visit his off-spring.
    An Officer of Administration used clerical staff time to provide support for their private consultancy.
    Using staff time, an Executive processed an international adoption and habitually shopped on-line during business hours.
    Widespread use of UO email addresses to transact personal business.
    An Executive ditched his subordinate co-workers at the beginning of an out-of-state conference – not seen again until the group was at the airport traveling home.(In wasted conference fees, car, air, per diem his golf trip cost a lot more than $4K.)
    If you’ve been in the trenches you’ve seen this type of thing and wondered.