UO Philosophy no longer "women friendly"

8/16/2011: The UK group that does the ratings says their procedures were not followed:

SWIP UK regrets to announce that we are withdrawing the Women-Friendly Department Recognition that we had awarded to the University of Oregon’s Philosophy Department for 2011.   It has become clear to us that our procedures were not properly followed during the canvassing of opinion prior to making the award, and as a result we were not apprised of information that might have had an impact on our decision.  Because these procedures were not followed, we feel we must withdraw the recognition, despite the impressive mainstreaming of feminist philosophy at Oregon.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Philosophy is notoriously a horribly sexist field. So, this isn’t frou-frou political correctness. It’s quite an accomplishment that UO is NOT considered among the anti-women departments that exist in this discipline.

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