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Frohnmayer and Gary bar complaint against Sean Riddell

9/5/2011: Apparently Dave Frohnmayer and Bill Gary are still pursuing their complaint against AG John Kroger’s prosecutor Sean Riddell. From what I can tell Frohnmayer must threaten someone with a defamation lawsuit every day (that’s a joke Dave, I know it’s really only every few months). The latest file includes a bunch of subpoeni, etc. Honestly I’m not really reading through this stuff and the press has lost interest too, but I guess I might as well post it for Google to index. Warning, big pdf’s.

      The Bar has an extraordinarily efficient and cheap public records office. (Don’t want to pay 25 cents per page? They’ll pdf it to you free.) So does the DOJ. SOS is mixed, but they post a lot of stuff on line as a matter of course.

      Updated 3/1/2012 with new doc.
      Updated 4/21/2012 with link to Wright ethics complaint against Frohnmayer, Gary, Pilliod.

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