Ethics charges against Frohnmayer et al dismissed

7/5/2013: Excuse me if I’ve got anything wrong here, it’s been a long strange trip.

Back in 2010 or so Dave Frohnmayer and HLGR filed an ethics complaint on behalf of the county’s general counsel Mark Pilliod against newly elected DA Patrick Flaherty. After a year or so of digging the bar the bar rejected Frohnmayer and Gary’s complaint, finding Flaherty had not violated any bar ethics rules. HLGR picked up about $55K in billable hours from Deschutes county taxpayers anyway.

Around the same time the bar also dismissed the ethics complaint Frohnmayer and Gary had filed against Associate AG Sean Riddell over his role in the DOJ’s investigation of how Kitzhaber’s girlfriend Cylvia Hayes got an energy consulting contract. Frohnmayer and Gary had accused Riddell of lying, bullying, and a variety of other bad things. Nigel Jaquiss of the Willamette Week has the story, which makes everyone involved look like idiots.

Meanwhile Flaherty’s wife Valerie Wright filed a retaliatory ethics complaint against Frohnmayer and Gary. After a year or two the bar finally rejected her last appeal this April. Letter below, final doc dump here, way too much more here.

Frohnmayer and Gary bar complaint against Sean Riddell

9/5/2011: Apparently Dave Frohnmayer and Bill Gary are still pursuing their complaint against AG John Kroger’s prosecutor Sean Riddell. From what I can tell Frohnmayer must threaten someone with a defamation lawsuit every day (that’s a joke Dave, I know it’s really only every few months). The latest file includes a bunch of subpoeni, etc. Honestly I’m not really reading through this stuff and the press has lost interest too, but I guess I might as well post it for Google to index. Warning, big pdf’s.

      The Bar has an extraordinarily efficient and cheap public records office. (Don’t want to pay 25 cents per page? They’ll pdf it to you free.) So does the DOJ. SOS is mixed, but they post a lot of stuff on line as a matter of course.

      Updated 3/1/2012 with new doc.
      Updated 4/21/2012 with link to Wright ethics complaint against Frohnmayer, Gary, Pilliod.