NCAA officially announces UO recruiting is under investigation

9/17/2011: In the Oregonian:

Mullens pledged full cooperation with the NCAA and said the University has retained outside counsel (Bond, Schoeneck and King) to conduct an independent assessment of the football program’s use of outside recruiting services. Once completed, that report will be made public.

Yes, we are paying “The Cleaner” Michael Glazier $150K for his “advice” on the investigation. We expect to soon have documents showing what percentage of that comes from the academic side. Meanwhile, Andy Staples has offered Chip Kelly and Rob Mullens his help for free.

9/18/2011: More from Rob Moseley here, George Schroeder here, and Rachel Bachman here, with a quote you know Pres Lariviere is going to regret:

“We’ve cooperated with the NCAA very extensively and looked at this really, really carefully internally, and I have very high confidence in this group of people. Very high confidence.”

Willie Lyles is apparently still working in a Houston grocery store for $8 an hour – while the NCAA insiders are still raking it in.

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