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Will UO staff strike the first week of classes?

9/14/2011: A non-random sample says yes. They don’t buy Pernsteiner and Kenton’s call for “shared sacrifice”. Does anyone recall any previous staff strikes? This Greg Bolt story repeats the stories about UO raises, does not mention Lariviere’s overtime adjustments or the benefits and retroactive benefits the OUS bosses got. There’s a similar story Bill Graves story in the Oregonian. UO is not doing a good job getting our version of the story out.


  1. Anonymous 09/13/2011

    It’s about time that the union showed a spine.

  2. Anonymous 09/14/2011

    Shared sacrifice? I’d give up my house cleaning service and free coffee and bagels the state gives me at the expense of tax payes and students…if I was getting any of that on top of a free house, car, professional development account, free mortgage payments and the like.

    A strike will shut that school down. Let’s see how long the administration and others last without the real backbone of that school.

  3. Anonymous 09/14/2011

    Old Man recalls a strike threat, but can’t recall if the strike happened (circa 40 years ago). The Administration responded to the threat by declaring that some of the Classified Staff were really Supervisory so could not strike. These folks were then graced with the title “Office Managers.” In the Frohnmayer/Moseley era the OM’s were incorporated into the OA category, and the title “Office Managers” disappeared.

  4. Anonymous 09/14/2011

    Faculty and OAs don’t have a union, and GTFs are prohibited from striking. So we’ll all be required to cross the picket lines. How about an open thread on other ways to support the classified staff? Here’s my contribution: For some courses (perhaps many of them), there might be creative ways to work the strike, labor issues, etc. into our teaching while remaining on-topic. Other ideas?

  5. Anonymous 09/14/2011

    Yes, they have gone on strike a few times. Pernsteiner should be fair to the staff and quit letting them shoulder the whole burden while those who are already amply lining their pockets with state dollars get off free.

  6. StarScarves 09/14/2011

    The last strike was in 1995. The one prior to that, before my time, in 1987.

    I am hopeful, however, that so much light will be shining on the truth about the Oregon University System’s lousy financial priorities, off balance staffing ratios and lack of shared sacrifice system-wide…that they will SEE the light, so to speak!

    Please call the Chancellor, and tell him it is time to stop treating the front-line workers so shabbily. His number is 503 725 5700, and his email is [email protected]. And why not also call the Governor and ask him to remind George that SB 242 gives him legitimate budgetary autonomy in regards to how the classified employees are compensated (Kitz # 503 387 3111).

    BTW, to the last Anonymous person, could you please elaborate on how THE union has not shown a spine….?

    Star Holmberg
    UO Classified employee for 20+ years

  7. Duck Soup 09/14/2011

    Lariviere better come up with something good!

    The university system also has become concerned about 400 UO administrators and faculty who received pay increases averaging about 7 percent this spring. Chancellor George Pernsteiner wrote a letter to UO President Richard Lariviere on Sept. 2 asking for an explanation of the pay raises. Lariviere will provide his explanation Thursday, the deadline set by the chancellor, a university spokesman said.

  8. Anonymous 09/14/2011

    From the Register Guard article 9/15/11 regarding step increase granted to state workers “Kenton said that raise was in response to substantial raises granted to the state’s non-union managers; OUS managers did not get that raise, so union workers didn’t get the step increase, he said, and shouldn’t get one now”. Wait a minute….didn’t the OUS “managers” just get some nice hefty raises in FY2011…YES THEY DID! Kenton logic is unbelievable. Ready to walk.

  9. Anonymous 09/14/2011

    The last classified staff was in 1995 – also during the first week of Fall term.

  10. Anonymous 09/14/2011

    I remember the last SEIU strike: OAs were sent to the kitchens; recycling stopped; and the HR Employee Relations Manager wore a jump suit and clutched walkie-talkie while he scoped out the picket lines with doughnut frosting in his beard.

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