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Win over Cal costs UO $50K for Helfrich bonus + administrator junkets


Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 11.16.32 PM

Apparently this win means the Ducks are going to some bowl game, and Helfrich gets a $50K bonus for that. Then we have to pay for all the admins and their families to go along for the junket. Here’s Tim Gleason, then Journalism Dean, now Faculty Athletics Representative, at the 2013 Fiesta Bowl student recruiting event:

VP  for Enrollment Roger Thompson videotapes one or two humiliating events like this at every bowl game, so that the administrators can show the IRS there was a business purpose for their family’s holiday junket:

4/12/2015: Coach Helfrich’s raise totals more than all 1500 UO staff combined

UO has about 1500 staff workers, making an average wage of about $35,000 a year. Their SEIU local 503 is currently bargaining with OUS for a new contract. The OUS offer is an 0.5% COLA, or $175 each per year.

Meanwhile, the UO administration just found the money to give football coach Mark Helfrich a slightly larger raise:

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 10.27.10 PM
Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 10.27.32 PM

Here’s the message from the SEIU local:

Higher Ed Management Proposals Not Unified Across State, Return to the “Big Three,” Attack Health Care, Steps, and More

ASUO Pres Sam Dotters-Katz calls for student walkout if SEIU strikes

9/12/2013: Troy Brynelson has the scoop in the ODE: In solidarity for the protest, ASUO President Sam Dotters-Katz, with the support of student presidents from Oregon State and Portland State universities, has also called for students across the state walkout. “These folks work some of the lowest paying and often…

Staff settles with OUS

From the SEIU site. These are key elements of the proposed settlement, worked about between SEIU bargainers and Vice Chancellor Jay “no furloughs for me” Kenton: My understanding is that the staff now gets to vote on whether or not to accept this. • All workers will receive a 1.5% cost-of-living…

Will UO staff strike the first week of classes?

9/14/2011: A non-random sample says yes. They don’t buy Pernsteiner and Kenton’s call for “shared sacrifice”. Does anyone recall any previous staff strikes? This Greg Bolt story repeats the stories about UO raises, does not mention Lariviere’s overtime adjustments or the benefits and retroactive benefits the OUS bosses got. There’s…

Staff bargaining situation

8/25/2011: From an email sent to SEIU local 503 members:     The central table agreement for 2011-2013 has been ratified by the DAS and OUS membership.  With over 7300 ballots cast, 77% of voters approved the agreement.  The elections committee, made up of volunteer retirees, conducted the ballot count. The…

Impasse, or vacation time?

8/10/2011: OUS Chancellor Dr. Pernsteiner has appointed his assistant Jay Kenton as the OUS negotiator with SEIU. So Kenton is taking some vacation time. From the SEIU letter declaring a bargaining impasse: We spent much of Monday trying to convince management to join us in telling the governor that the…

Staff contract update

7/25/2011: Word from the SEIU union is that the state DAS has agreed on a contract, but the OUS locals are still negotiating with Chancellor Pernsteiner’s bargaining team on the OUS details. Staff making $25,000 a year will now have to pay 5% of their health insurance. The furloughs continue.…