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  1. Anonymous 09/23/2011

    Dog says

    readers of UOmatters should take the time to read the 8 page PDF document of the president. Its articulate and based on the actual facts. It might improve everyone’s literacy about the UO as well.

    The one flaw/lie in the document is about our “extensive financial instrument” – its really not that extensive and does not properly weigh or determine the equivalent 6% “pickup” for our peers.

    Overall though, its a pretty accurate description and the point no taxpayer dollars were used in these equity adjustments is both true and important but seems to be lost amongst the general criticism.

  2. Anonymous 09/26/2011

    The public needs to make up their mind. Do they want it run like a business, or do they want it run like a government? Lariviere is acting like a businessman in trying to retain talent, while still over-compensating “execs.”

  3. Anonymous 11/01/2011

    Really? 97%? Did they just pay one person a few million dollars? Because our department sure hasn’t seen it. Indexed against the cost of living, I’m making 5.5% LESS now than I was in 2008.

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