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Staff contract update

7/25/2011: Word from the SEIU union is that the state DAS has agreed on a contract, but the OUS locals are still negotiating with Chancellor Pernsteiner’s bargaining team on the OUS details.

Staff making $25,000 a year will now have to pay 5% of their health insurance. The furloughs continue. Staff will get small COLA adjustments to keep up with inflation and a very small step increase, and that only for those not already at step 9. It’s a competitive labor market out there, there’s a recession, the state is crunched, and this contract reflects those facts.

But apparently it’s not such a tough market if you are in Dr. Mr. Pernsteiner’s league and your employment contract is negotiated by a bunch of your cronies, with input from the university presidents whose budgets you control. Pernsteiner’s contract is up for renewal at the end of May 2012. I wonder what the OUS Board will add to his list of perks this time?

  • He was hired in 2004 by Neil Goldschmidt as an interim appointment, then made permanent after the molestation story broke and everyone was too busy to go through a public search process. 
  • He does not have a PhD – unique for a Chancellor. 
  • He is paid $280,900 in straight salary
  • He gets another $23,320 for “professional development expenses.” He does not document how he spends this – just takes as a cash salary add-on. 
  • He gets a free car with all costs paid.
  • He gets a $12,720 retirement add-on, to top off his regular PERS account.
  • He gets an all expenses paid mansion in Eugene, Treetops, which he uses about 4 nights a month, at a cost to the state of over $50,000 a year.
  • We pay about $7,000 for his maid service.
  • He gets another $26,000 in housing allowance to pay the mortgage on his own house, in Portland.
  • He charges the state $52 a day for his personal food while he’s in Portland. The scam is to claim he lives in Eugene, so when he’s in at his own house in Portland, he’s traveling! 

Or maybe they’ll come down hard, and insist he contribute 5% towards his kids’ $7000 maid service bill? The $15,000 landscaping charges?


    1. Anonymous 07/26/2011

      Pernseiner should be ashamed! Here we have people working at UO barely getting by with families to feed and yet a so-called educated man continues triple dipping from the cookie jar while scraping the crumbs out. Why has this atrocious waste of taxpayer money not been investigated and exposed? Shame on you Pernsteiner. Shame on you.

    2. Anonymous 08/30/2011

      You’re leaving out the fact that OUS seeks to exclude all Information Technology workers from 2 years of merit pay increases. That amounts to 10% of the classified work force in OUS.

    3. Anonymous 09/07/2011

      WHY are IT workers treated differently than the rest of us? That is not fair at all.

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