More on NCAA "reforms"

10/25/2011: Former UO journalism student Allie Grasgreen writes the best summary I’ve seen of the NCAA’s latest efforts to preserve its monopoly while claiming reform, for

From 2005 to 2009, athletics spending per athlete at Football Bowl Subdivision colleges grew by 50 percent, to $91,050 per individual, while academic spending per student grew by 22 percent, to $13,470. Institutional subsidies per athlete grew at the fastest rate — by 53 percent, to about $18,390 in 2009. …

“We are bringing in young men and women who are not prepared for collegiate-level education,” Emmert said. “Their probability of success is limited, to say the least.”

“When we got together in August — and the mood would be no different today — I and the university presidents were disgusted with much of what we’d seen in the previous year,” Emmert said, alluding to high-profile scandals at places such as Ohio State University and the University of Miami. …

NCAA President Emmert is shocked to discover that there are NCAA scandals. This is during the Knight Comission meeting at, of course, the NYC Ritz -Carlton, on Central Park. Who does he think paid his bill? Your winnings, sir.

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