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obtuse announcement on research changes

10/13/2011: The administrative cleanup continues. From new VP for Research Kim Espy:

Professors Stormshak and Phillips join the Office of Research, Innovation and Graduate Education

Patrick Phillips, Professor and Department Head of Biology, joins the RIGE team as Associate Vice President for Research.  Patrick,  a member of the Institute for Ecology and Evolution, will oversee the emerging Research Development unit which includes Faculty Development activities, large-scale interdisciplinary center and institutional grant opportunities; oversight of the Office for Veterinary Services and Animal Care; liaise with the scientific community; and with the Vice President and her executive team provide guidance and oversight for Research Centers and Institutes.  Patrick’s research interests are in empirical and theoretical studies of evolutionary genetics, ecology and behavior.

Beth Stormshak, Professor of Counseling Psychology in the College of Education and Director of the Child and Family Center, joins the RIGE team as Associate Vice President for Research.  Beth will oversee research compliance issues primarily in the areas of human subjects and conflict of interest with a focus on policies and procedures.  She will also work on large-scale interdisciplinary center and institutional grant opportunities that relate to professional school researchers and act as a liaison to the professional school researchers and groups.

This is not very clear. Is Phillips a new position or a replacement? Rumor has it Stormshak will take over from Lynette Schenkel. HS compliance has not been well run. This announcement could certainly be clearer about what’s going on. Why should the faculty have to resort to rumors to find out who is running HS compliance and COI? We shouldn’t, but given that we do, comments are open. Meanwhile, here’s the most recent org chart:


  1. Anonymous 10/13/2011

    Given the portfolios, Phillips is new and Stormshak is replacing Schenkel. So a partial reorg + a replacement (unless something is going on with Kiltie and Phillips is replacing her). It does seem silly that we have to speculate about all of this.

  2. Anonymous 10/14/2011

    Universities are not run for the benefit of faculty who want to do research, they are run for the benefit of the administrators. So get over it. They will hire as many assistant and associate VP’s as they can.

  3. Anonymous 10/14/2011

    I guess people have forgotten that Jim Hutchenson was an Assoc VP in this office under Rich Linton.

  4. Anonymous 10/15/2011

    dog confirms

    Patrick Phillips replaces Jim Hutchinson tho I believe Patrick will have a broader portfolio.

    Patrick is also pretty competent.

  5. Anonymous 10/16/2011

    Hasn’t Hutchinson been out of Research for a while? I don’t think he was purged when Espy came on; I believe he was already gone before Linton left.

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