Autzen Hat Event, Senate Web site, Deeper hole, Caravan to Portland

Ali Bongo Ondimba adds his voice to the list of Lariviere supporters. A good reminder that this fight should be about process, faculty governance, and transparency – not “We Love Our President”.

Steve Duin of the Oregonian rips into Kitzhaber: Death penalty for UO faculty and students, but not for murderers.

Word down at the faculty club is that there’s a football game tomorrow and some folks – maybe lots of folks – are going to demonstrate at Autzen in support of President Lariviere. See for details.

Also check the UO Senate website at for info on the UO Senate’s efforts to resist Chancellor Pernsteiner’s attempts to usurp the faculty’s rights and responsibilities. Irene Aleshire has more in the RG. 

Meanwhile OUS Board chair Matt Donegan digs himself a deeper hole in this Helen Jung story in the Oregonian. No way this was firing was consistent with the public meetings law.

We’ll post more over the weekend on the OUS Portland meeting, scheduled 3-5 PM Monday. OSBHE Boardroom, PSU Academic and Student Recreation Center, Suite 515, Portland. I have heard from many, many UO faculty who plan to attend. Word is that Phil Knight and Howard Slusher will buy the first round after the meeting closes. In this secret video provided by a helpful OUS staffer, Pernsteiner and Donegan reconsider their decision to try and limit attendance by choosing a small room:

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6 Responses to Autzen Hat Event, Senate Web site, Deeper hole, Caravan to Portland

  1. Anonymous says:

    On the possible public meetings law violation, Jung writes:

    “He said the decision has not been voted on, but he has talked individually or with a couple board members as a contractual Dec. 31 deadline to notify Lariviere approaches. Those discussions made clear there was “no support” to continue his contract. He also consulted the governor, he said.”

    This seems a deliberate attempt on Donegan’s part to avoid the charge of collusion that recently got Lane Cty commissioners in trouble. It was “indvidually” or “with a couple board members,” he now says.

    Important to get to the bottom of this.

  2. uomatters says:

    Yup, he’s trying to cover up, when his lawyer should be telling him to shut up.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not really… The story for me was what did he do to piss off the governor? They were buddies up until now . Is it possible that we don’t know everything?

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Oregonian article gfinally hints at ome reasons. Which, to be fair, are legit sounding.

  5. uomatters says:

    We don’t know everything. That’s the point. We have a right to know what Pernsteiner and Donegan and Kitzhaber are basing their decision on. This is not about Lariviere, it’s about faculty governance and basic public transparency. At least that’s why I’m in this fight!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Dog agrees

    This is about due process more than RL

    This dog sniffs a steaming pile of non due process