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Arma virumque cano

11/8/2011: The RG reports that Chancellor Pernsteiner will not appeal the state court decision allowing permit holders to carry concealed guns on campus. The Baron’s Den NRA courses for November are sure to fill up quickly, especially since the December classes have been canceled to allow some much needed range improvements. They are off I-5 and 30th. Look for the BIG American flag and you can’t miss it. Or try the Oregon Firearms Academy courses – popular with our readers. $65 to the county for the permit. $85 for the course, plus ammo. Be sure to mention UO Matters and ask for the professor’s discount on your first 100 rounds. Anyone tried to use ASA funds for this?

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  1. Anonymous 11/09/2011

    Let’s be fair and put Oregon Firearms Academy out there. I worked at the UO and have my concealed handgun license. I took the course at the Oregon Firearms Academy and they come highly recommended and offer far more than most courses.

    Sign up fast as the classes do fill up quick!

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