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Pernsteiner’s Schedule at UO

12/30/2011: (updated occasionally)

3PM faculty assembly now, streamed live,

I will try to tweet, follow on

Professor Robert Z. Melnick knows Pernsteiner, and rips into Pernsteiner and Ciuffetti, pdf here.

 Assembly Motions (pdfs soon).

1) We love Lariviere. 

2) We want our own board,

3) No more BS – we want to be part of the search.

4) We want a public board meeting to review Pernsteiner’s performance and fire him. 


9:00 AM: P Met with CAS and AAA heads

10:30 AM: The deans, some students

12 – 2 PM: Senate Executive Committee. Short version? We told Pernsteiner Jim Bean was unacceptable, and that the only escape route for himself and the board was to convince Bob Berdahl to take the job. Here’s what happened, more or less live-blogged:

P: Intends to appoint interim head before 12/9 when students leave. Talking about search process. 6 or 18 month interim? Closed or open search?

Pernsteiner’s names: Berdahl, Frohnmayer, Bean, Davis, Hubin, Carla who?

Fac: We hear the CAS heads were unanimous for Berdahl. But the Deans were OK with either Berdahl or Bean.

Pernsteiner: believes board would support either.

Pernsteiner is put on the spot. Faculty will not accept Bean. He then agrees he would support Berdahl, believes he could work with him despite the RG Op-Ed.

But clearly Persnteiner supports Jim Bean. So do some students, alas.

Fac: Berdahl brings the CV, the reputation for working with other AAU.

P: Bean has not been an AAU pres, has not been on the AAU – but has on the ground experience. (Of course Berdahl was a former UO CAS Dean.)

Fac: What about Bean’s supposed medical problems and his supposed miraculous recovery? What about the fact Bean was appointed interim Provost, then Provost, without a search? Now he will be appointed Interim President, without a search? Just like Pernsteiner became Chancellor? Unbelievable!

Fac: going around the room, listing the problems with Jim Bean, and the deep support an respect for Berdahl. 

I am still waiting for someone besides Pernsteiner to say a word in support of Bean. Kindest so far is that if he’s well, we need him as Provost.

Fac: “The only way to restore the faculty’s trust in you (P) and the board is for them to appoint Berdahl, and quickly.”

UO Staff agrees. Still no word of support for Bean.

Pernsteiner is swallowing hard. He is wavering. Red faced. He gets us. He’ll probably screw us over again as soon as he leaves the room though.

Pernsteiner is now trying to figure out if he can weasel out of Berdahl – maybe because Berdahl might only take the job for 6 months?

Fac: telling him it doesn’t matter. Bean is unacceptable – Berdahl can help run the search for a permanent President. The man must have a hell of a rolodex, after running the AAU.

Pernsteiner is folding. He now sees that this is his only way out. The students are re-evaluating, want to hear more about Berdahl.

Pernsteiner is … ?

UO Matters asks the question of Pernsteiner’s contract renewal. OUS Board Secretary (and public records officer) Charles Triplett replied that the board has a meeting scheduled 12/15, and that he would let the Senate EC know when (if) that matter was added to the agenda.

Meeting ends with usual vacuous niceties – with an edge.

Pernsteiner appears before Faculty Assembly, 3 – 5 PM, Mac Court. Be there by 2:45.

The meeting will be streamed live,


  1. Anonymous 11/30/2011

    Watch this. I picture Mace Windu as Laviere, the Chancellor as well….the Chancellor, and I suppose Anakin must be either the rest of the board or perhaps, I like this more, Kitzhaber.

  2. Anonymous 11/30/2011

    How easily we are coopted.

  3. Anonymous 11/30/2011

    Old Man remembers well that Jim Bean disqualified himself by his decision on a certain personnel matter and his accompanying abuse of the Faculty Personnel Committee.

  4. Anonymous 11/30/2011

    How poorly he was advised.

  5. Anonymous 11/30/2011

    I wonder what the one condition will be for being offered this position? Just following orders?

  6. Anonymous 11/30/2011

    CRAP! I cannot get onto the live feed, it states ‘feed has reached maximum streams’, Is there an alternate site???

  7. Anonymous 11/30/2011

    Feeds are all used. Updates would be appreciated.

  8. Anonymous 11/30/2011

    Yes, Please update!!
    Or is it being broadcast on radio? Any help would be much appreciated.

  9. Anonymous 12/01/2011

    Would it be possible for you to post the text from Peter DeFazio’s letter?

    Thank you.

  10. Anonymous 12/01/2011

    Old Man, are you sure that’s considered grounds for “disqualification” in Pernsteiner’s Brave New OUS? Colleagues I’ve spoken to about this whole to-do seem to be split as to their opinion of whether our glorious Chancellor will not push his luck or whether he’ll engage in another round of Board-reinforced spiting and force him on us anyway.

  11. Anonymous 12/01/2011

    I’m glad someone FINALLY pointed out how unrepresentative the Board is of the UO–too much connection to other campuses’ fac/admin/donors, they can’t help but be totally out of touch with the UO, its needs, its goals, and our opinions.

  12. Anonymous 12/01/2011

    Before the Chancellor and his criminal board strike UO again, we must challenge the Board’s credibility given the make up of the board without any members from UO but multiple members from other universities and all business members also partners of other universities. Conflict interests should not be allowed to make decisions that affect a campus of 29500 human beings in Oregon.

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