UO on trial in Portland

Live video of the OUS meeting will be streamed at http://ous.edu/state_board/meeting/webcast 

I will try to tweet, follow on http://twitter.com/uomatters

11/28/2011: Insidehighered.com with a comphrehensive story on “The Battle for Eugene” 

11/27/2011: I’ll be going Monday, I encourage everyone to go. It takes bodies in the square to make things change. The UO Senate website give details on how to get there and what to expect. Apparently buses leave at 12:15 from the Jock Box. The highlights will be Senate President Rob Kyr and OUS Chancellor Dr. George Pernsteiner – plus of course the free dinner and drinks after, hosted by Phil Knight, time and place TBA. This UO Matters pre-news clip shows how it will go down. Hagemann and Pernsteiner are obvious. The young Rob Kyr appears in plaid. I’ll be in the back with the rest of you, coughing on cue:

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6 Responses to UO on trial in Portland

  1. Anonymous says:

    Seems like a giant Ponzi scheme. With the ever decreasing amount of state money dedicated to higher education the fact that UofO can lock in their funding by state obligation to bonds is absurd. This will eventually take money from the k-12 and other OUS schools as the UofO fails to meet its unrealistic financial projections. It is one thing to seek greater autonomy but this plan is so poorly thought out it isn’t even funny. It is a shame that a once reliable source of info like UOMatters is willing to be bought off in the name of fleecing the tax payer, education systema dn bowing down to college athletics.

  2. Roast Duck says:

    Anonymous is wrong about it being a Ponzi scheme, wrong about the feasibility of the UO plan — but is on to something with the locking in of support for the state bonds. The other campuses may be afraid that state support for higher education is going to go to zero soon — leaving UO holding what’s left of a starvation diet! The legislature may have the same idea in mind, with other concerns — not looking out for the other campuses.

    So why not go for the ultra-gamma-neutron option — a real buyout of UO by Uncle Phil — show this sorry state what real privatization is.

    Don’t like that idea? A few years back, something like the “New Partnership” sounded crazy too.

    In the present circumstances, anybody got a better idea?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree this plan is dumb. If you want change go full privatization. But don’t obligate the state to make payments on a potentially crippling bond.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well, so it’s 30 days without cause. I hope he sues their fucking asses off. And of course, there’s the little UO Matters complaint.

    They really had to rub his nose in it, and UO’s.

    I hope they will like the faculty union (which I will still oppose).

    If Phil Knight sends his billions out of Oregon, it will be well deserved.

    Maybe he’ll move his operation to Washington, where he won’t have to pay Oregon income taxes.

    That would serve Oregon right!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Fire Persteiner! Get rid of incompetence and petty petulance.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Fire Persteiner! Dismiss that Board of rotten wood and saw dust!