The acid test

for leadership at UO for the next few years will have two parts:

a) Did you fight back when OUS fired Lariviere?

b) Can you get over it already, and put in the effort to get UO back on track?

Lots of unpaid committee work coming up for the faculty on this list, starting with the presidential search committee.

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2 Responses to The acid test

  1. Anonymous says:

    The appointment of the members to the ‘search committee’ for the new prez will reveal in vivid terms whether it is a reversion to ‘business as usual’ or a step in a new and perhaps more productive direction.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The UO Constitution, to be ratified today by President Lariviere, restores to the Faculty its central role in university policy-making, a right granted to it by the State Charter but long-denied. The future of the UO will be determined by the vigor with which the Faculty executes this responsibility. Our over-worked faculty needs all the help it can get from those emeritus faculty who have chosen to retire in or near Eugene and would welcome the opportunity to contribute their time and experience to the University. A good place to start is participating in Senate meetings, where emeritus faculty have the right to introduce motions and participate in discussions. You will soon identify where your interest and experience could be put to good use. Check the Senate Website ( for meetings and agenda.