Who pays for new Jock Box floor?

12/20/2011: Sam Stites of the ODE asks – and gets some answers. Mostly the state self-insurance fund. Meaning money that could have been used for the many pressing needs of state government. Instead, taxpayers will pay $121,647, including $45,460 for engraving the athlete’s names. You’ve got to admire the shamelessness of people who would put in a claim to the state for this egofice. Nothing more fun than spending other people’s money:

Both Bob Beals and Steve Stolp declined to comment on the insurance policy despite being listed as contacts on the insurance claim report.

And of course there’s the ~$2 million per year in regular student tuition that goes to fund the athlete-only tutoring and other expenses for our “self-supporting” athletics department. Phil Knight’s Jock Box: the gift that keeps on taking.

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4 Responses to Who pays for new Jock Box floor?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Supposedly, the building was not designed to the energy standards that Oregon demands for state buildings, and the facilities manager was basically presented with tens of thousands of dollars of retrofitting needs (to be paid from her lightbulb budget) when they handed her the keys.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How is different than the Gerlinger fire? It’s a building issue that is covered by insurance. The buildings aren’t of athletics or of academia. They are of the University of Oregon. This disparity between camps on campus isn’t good for business. Just get along.

  3. UO Matters says:

    No problem replacing a floor – but why is the athletic department expecting the state to pay $45K for engraving?

    Stop taking our money and we’ll all get along just fine.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Since Phil’s people designed/built the Jock Box, why isn’t he providing UO with a warranty on it that covers construction related defects, failures, etc?

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