A faculty union will solve all UO’s problems

1/27/2012: Or maybe not. Reality check from Rutgers

Who’s right and who’s wrong? The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter, since the administration has lost the trust of its own professors, who routinely perceive it as incompetent, venal and corrupt. As Eaton and her colleagues put it, “The administration has violated our trust and we have lost confidence in its ability to properly manage university resources.”

Sound familiar? There’s a sports problem too, of course.

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3 Responses to A faculty union will solve all UO’s problems

  1. Anonymous says:

    Appwrently at rutgers, only ‘permanent’ faculty are in the bargaining unit according to this memo of agreement on salary deferrals on rutgers union website:

    Within 180 days from the ratification of this MOA, Rutgers will conduct an audit of Type 4 positions to determine whether Type 4 positions are being used in lieu of positions which should be filled by permanent employees who should be in the URA-AFT negotiations unit.

  2. Anonymous says:

    UO established “Career” NTTF as a response to exactly this problem – an over reliance and abuse of the adjunct faculty designation – many who had taught here for years with no job protection or security.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dog says

      well yes, in principle this is a good move but in practice there
      has been no consistent signal from Academic Affairs about what kind
      of person qualifies for “Career” and who doesn’t. Our department
      has asked about every 3 weeks for the last 6 months and have gotten
      different answers each time that range from “any adjunct is a career”
      to “no one qualifies to be a career”.

      Its a microcosm for the UO – we can come up with good policy on paper
      but our implementation and oversight skills generally suck.