live blogging SEC meeting with Pernsteiner and Ford

1/11/012, 12-2PM

Ford: “We want best president”

Pernsteiner: Search committee names have been contacted, search consultant proposals due Friday. Search consultant searches and sells UO. Will be picked in a few weeks.

P: Confident we can get a good president. What does he mean by good?

P: My macro forecast is good, unless euro caves. WTF, now he’s a macroeconomist?

P: I would be willing to go to the legislature and request that UO and OSU get higher funding than the other schools, to support their research mission. Not so clear if he cares about the AAU status.

Faculty: We will no be able to attract a credible candidate unless the OUS Board makes a credible commitment to preserving UO’s AAU status. We know the state’s not going to provide more money, so we need a commitment to an independent UO board – actually independent, not one of Pernsteiner’s half-baked schemes.

Ford: I can’t promise that.

Faculty: Then we need to talk to the board. Where’s Donegan?

Pernsteiner very nervous. End of meeting.

Link to Senate meeting video. 

Post Senate meeting in Gerlingher:

Maybe 8 faculty showed up. Pernsteiner visibly nervous to hear faculty talking to Ford. Ford started off by giving platitudes.

Pernsteiner claims he’ll talk to board about having a meeting in Eugene, and about relinquishing some of his control of UO’s general counsel. He’s a liar.

My read of Ford is that he doesn’t care about Pernsteiner, doesn’t like him, knows he blew it big time with how he handled Lariviere, and knows he’s making the board look dumb. But he doesn’t care enough to do anything about it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You are a moron. As always. And libelous.

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