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1/23/2012: Mostly deal with athletic scandals. And peanut butter. Penn State, from the Chronicle:

The meeting of the trustees, which was watched by several thousand people on the Internet and had been moved to a larger venue to accommodate members of the public and media, lasted for several hours. It was dominated by matters relating directly to or stemming from the child sex-abuse scandal that has rocked the institution since November. The acting athletic director, David M. Joyner, for instance, reassured trustees that the football program had not lost any new recruits to the scandal and that morale was steadily improving. Mr. Joyner also disclosed that Penn State would be paying out about $4.4-million in severance to six assistant football coaches who were not retained under the new head coach, Bill O’Brien.

But despite the heightened outside interest in Friday’s meeting, the Penn State trustees still had routine business interspersed with scandal-related items on their agenda, and at times shifted quite abruptly between the two. Among the more mundane issues the board addressed were expanding wireless Internet coverage in some Penn State dorm rooms and approving new building projects.
The trustees were also informed that the university was unaffected this year by a rise in peanut prices, because it had stockpiled some of the 20,000 pounds of peanut butter consumed each year on the campus.

UVA Board of visitors minutes here. Most of the interesting stuff is done in executive session.

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