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UO Provost’s team of expert special assistants

2/1/2012: I didn’t believe this tip til I checked it out: Lorraine Davis’s “special assistants” now include John Moseley, Frances Dyke, and Don Harris. (Jim Bean is not listed.)

And you are wondering why there is no money to pay for start-up for the science hires? Full org chart here dated 2/1/2012. (link fixed, thanks). John Moseley is still on the payroll? Unbelievable.


  1. Anonymous 02/02/2012

    I am wondering if LGD will make me a ‘special assistant’, too. Maybe Tomlin will enjoy such a status and continue to save us from ourselves.

    Nothing illustrated the growing and increasingly dysfunctional relationship between high end admins and the faculty. It is no wonder that JH is perceived as being corrupt and incompetent except, admittedly, in the area of writing sweet deals for those sufficiently blessed to be admitted to the sanctified elect.

  2. Anonymous 02/02/2012

    This is obviously what Fraces meant when we said “retirement”. Take your giant PERS golden parachute and then land a new job with a fellow crony to pick up some additional income on the side.

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