Provost hired after open, national search

that would be the Portland State provost. Search info here. Four finalists brought to campus, the job went to Sona Karentz Andrews, a VC at OUS and former Provost at Boise State.

Meanwhile all indications are that Pres Berdahl is going to bring back Jim Bean as UO provost this summer. Presumably the holdup involves him completing his sabbatical research visiting schedule, or maybe a malfunctioning feeder on his document scanner.

Bean was appointed interim provost by Frohnmayer back in 2008, then made permanent by Lariviere. Never any search or public process or even any public discussion or talk about his priorities, accomplishments, goals for UO, etc. From what I can tell Bean has never even had a performance review. He did get a nice raise last year though – and the infamous beamer payments – after his fellow administrators did this cursory salary comparison for him. I wonder if any of these comparator provosts also were hired without a search and have never had a review?


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5 Responses to Provost hired after open, national search

  1. Anonymous says:

    Berdahl is going to be gone by September, right? Isn’t that the plan? Or maybe next June? In any case, not much time to find a replacement for Lorraine Davis.

    Would it be better to do a national search, hire a provost, stick the new president with him/her? Or perhaps the new pres could just fire the new provost if not to his/her liking? After all, UO can afford a personnel fiasco now and then — already, it’s been 3 months since the last one.

    Is this an example of why some people say that UO Matters is psychotic?

    • uomatters says:

      Davis has cleaned up some of Bean’s wreckage. An interim can do the job for a year, meanwhile the new Pres can do an open search and decide whether or not to make it permanent.

    • Anonymous says:

      What wreckage? What cleanup?

    • Anonymous says:

      See below. The union is the wreckage!

      Bean will be essentially an interim provost, no? I can’t imagine him accepting INTERIM as an OFFICIAL job description, but interim is what he will be — the new pres can keep him or not as the new pres desires. So it seems to me anyhow.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I thought Bean promised to resign if the faculty unionized. I think the union is a disaster for UO, but this was the silver lining, no? –Frog.