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Berdahl limits public records access

5/2/2012: Last September, after a long series of meetings and after input from the faculty, students, and the press, President Lariviere instituted a simple $200 fee waiver system for public records requests. It worked pretty well. Maybe too well. Yesterday, with no warning or discussion with the Senate Transparency Committee, Interim President Berdahl imposed some significant restrictions on fee-waivers. (Actually, he made Dave Hubin do it – there’s courage for you.) I wonder what Berdahl is afraid to see disclosed? Email and new policy here.


  1. Anonymous 05/03/2012

    classic bunker mentality. easy to see how this ends.

  2. Anonymous 05/06/2012

    RMB has been interim prez for over 4-months now and so its high time for UOM to conduct a poll on his performance, including his accomplishments, leadership and communications with the UO community.

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