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Flipping the classroom

There’s an excellent Insidehighered report here about the use of technology in teaching. I’d be interested in comments from people who’ve tried the flipped classroom idea. 8/24/2012


  1. Anonymous 08/24/2012

    Thanks for the link — very interesting article indeed.

  2. Anonymous 08/25/2012

    Dog says

    I’ve been flipping the classroom for more than two decades
    in terms of reducing in class lecture time for in class thinking time.

    1. works well for 2/3 of the students and other 1/3
    can’t cope.

    2. You need the right physical space for this

    3. You need to be patient and bear frustration

    I gave talk on all of this about 2 years ago, to some audience,

    The title was: College Teaching: The Loss of the Reflective Moment

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