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I taught naked

Student comments are posted on Duckweb now. My favorite so far? He was very engaging and really knew the material. He only had to use powerpoint once. Post the good, bad and ugly here. 12/16/12.

UO building and classroom priorities?

I’m posting this as a place for people to comment on what they think are important priorities for UO campus buildings and what features should be prioritized in new classrooms. 8/22/2012. A commenter notes that Academic Affairs has a committee and a website for reporting issues with specific classrooms:

UO needs a new Provost

Read Interim Provost Jim Bean’s 2010 op-ed in the Oregonian, defending the decision to spend $1.83 million a year of regular students’s tuition money on the athlete only Jacqua Center for Student Athletes – or as the NY Times calls it, the Jock Box. Then read about how Duck AD Rob…

Ken De Bevoise

4/17/2010: Steve Duin of the Oregonian has a column about Poli-Sci firing instructor Ken De Bevoise. I’d honestly never heard of this guy until his students started a movement to reinstate him. From the interview with VP for Academic Affairs Russ Tomlin, it appears possible that UO will in fact…