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student photos now available on duckweb

If you go to duckweb > faculty > course administration you will now find “view class photos” under the drop down action menu. They come out in an easy to print format. Thank you so much to whoever made that happen – a very useful teaching crutch for us prosopagnosia sufferers.

And a comment reminds me of why I’m no law professor:


  1. Anonymous 08/15/2012

    I hear damage to the facial fusiform gyrus is a common side-effect from scotch drinking.

  2. Anonymous 08/15/2012

    This Dog

    has been barking about the need for this feature for the last 10 years. Originally the dog was told about FERPA. Dog said bullshit – its still private info – for FERPA compliance therefore I should have faceless students in class, hell may be I do, I never look up any way – dogs interests are always on the ground.

    But yes, finally, this extremely useful feature is now available.

  3. Awesome0 08/15/2012

    Letters of recommendation will be a lot easier for some students who perhaps never showed up for office hours, but worked hard, showed up to class, and asked good questions but never introduced themselves.

  4. Oryx 08/16/2012

    So UOMatters really is a useful source of information! This isn’t sarcasm: being able to see student pictures is great, and it’s great to learn about it, probably in advance of some official announcement (I hope).

  5. Socrates 08/16/2012

    Wonderful – this is a far more useful teaching tool than everything in blackboard.

  6. Anonymous 08/16/2012

    Nice, now I can be like that professor in the Paper Chase!

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