Hubin and Gottfredson remove Geller blockage

from UO’s public records system. Emphasis in the original:

Dear Bill, 

President Gottfredson received your inquiry, included below, and has asked me to respond on his behalf. As a result of further discussion, we will be modifying our fee practices so that simple, straightforward requests that take less than one hour to fulfill, including those that involve the Office of General Counsel, will receive a fee waiver. 

Our Public Records Administrator, Lisa Thornton, will be contacting General Counsel, and you will receive as soon as practical the contracts for BSK with no fee assessed.   

I am asking Lisa Thornton to remove the last sentence from our fee statement on the Public Records website: 

ExceptionsNo fees will be waived for any request that involves legal review or computer programming. 

Best Regards,
David R. Hubin, Ph.D.Senior Assistant to the President

So, some movement on public records and transparency. I’m no law professor, but I think part of the big push to move this little revision through the JH bowels is that Oregon’s public records law does not allow agencies to flat out refuse to waive fees.

This is not the first time our General Counsel’s office has been confused about how to obey that law. There’s a little more history here, or follow the “Public Records” or “Randy Geller” tabs below. 8/22/2012.

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10 Responses to Hubin and Gottfredson remove Geller blockage

  1. Anonymous says:

    A good sign from Gottfredson!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, you’ve got enough for a shot at a bar ethics complaint involving incompetent representation and/or counseling a client to engage in illegal conduct. But there are three attorneys in that office and you’ll need to show which one signed off on the rule change. I don’t think OUS and George Pernsteiner are going to waive attorney-client privilege and let you have those emails. So maybe you should make some friends and lay off that Treetops stuff for a bit?