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EMU renovation and student politics

Dash Paulson has a good piece in the ODE about how Robin Holmes let the EMU renovation turn into a fiasco. Short version: ASUO president Ben Eckstein insisted on substantial student input on the committee. Robin Holmes didn’t let that happen, and the students voted against the plan and fees, twice. Then *someone* came up with the bright idea of hiring the RBI campaign consultants to persuade the students to vote for it. (The story incorrectly calls RBI a  public relations firm, but from their website, the contract, and the work product it’s clear their job was to manipulate the student vote.)

So who’s idea was it to hire RBI? Robin Holmes? The students? Lariviere? Berdahl? It’s still not clear – the ODE needs to start requesting the public records on this. 10/8/2012.


  1. Angry old lady 10/08/2012

    Used to be that extremely few outside contracts were issued for any purpose by the administration.

    How is it now we have an administration with the ability to spend thousands and thousands more on outside contracts that do nothing to enhance the university or its mission?

    How is it that the administration needs that ability. Our mission is simple and shouldn’t have the need for outside contracts such as this.

    I’m calling it corruption..administrative spending to take actions against the students. In this case…their vote.

  2. Anonymous 10/08/2012

    Robin should look in the mirror and see what she’s become.

    But…if Robin is blind to what she has become….maybe Angry old lady will fill her in. HAHAHA!

  3. Anonymous 10/09/2012

    Too ironic…Robin claims to stand for diversity, but in her actions, it’s her way or the highway. Bravo to those who called her on it.

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