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Pat Kilkenny’s wet dream comes to fruition

From the ODE. This post is not meant as a criticism of the cheerleaders! Kilkenny killed wrestling, spent millions of borrowed money on baseball, and made a series of dirty deals with Frohnmayer that are still costing the academic side $5 million or so a year.


  1. Anonymous 10/03/2012

    The instagram feel? Seriously behind the times.
    If I’m not mistaken, videographers have been making and selling this stuff for a ton of feel. I mean dollars. Mullens is missing a bet.

  2. Anonymous 10/03/2012

    I thought he would have happened with the sale of athletes’ shorts.

  3. Anonymous 10/03/2012

    Surely Dave Frohnmayer had a hand in this.

  4. Anonymous 10/03/2012

    Yep, the megabucks from the PAC-12 Networks deal is a tide that lifts all boats…

    • Anonymous 10/03/2012

      Dogs says

      it doesn’t lift our network throughput boat at all …
      The Pac-12 Network wants all of our (UO) fiber (at the expense
      of research concerns) – this is an ongoing discussion now.

    • Anonymous 10/03/2012

      Fishwrapper sez:

      My tongue was in my cheek above. With the gigadollar deals PAC-12 Enterprises inked with ESPN and Fox, one would think they could afford to build, buy, or lease the paths needed to backhaul programming from the campuses without having to take advantage of taxpayer-funded infrastructure. Talk about a competitive advantage – build a programming network using transmission facilities not available to other networks at way below market costs.

      Access to I2 network infrastructure is a conversation happening at many campuses right now.

      Say, where is all this windfall PAC-12 money going, anyway?

  5. Anonymous 10/03/2012

    Wrong attitude folks! We need a piece of this action. Who wants to volunteer for the CAS calendar?

  6. Anonymous 10/03/2012

    Great plan! Sell photos of our half dressed students, use the money to pay for our travel expenses.

    • Anonymous 10/04/2012

      Who said anything about students? Let’s get some of that Associate Professor Instagram feel going!

      They don’t call them Romance Languages for nothing.

  7. Anonymous 10/03/2012

    All cheerleader cash to go towards George Horton’s new contract.

  8. ellen 10/04/2012

    Cheerleading and competitive “sport” cheerleading (aka acrobatics and tumbling) are two different things. Wrestling was dropped for baseball and a new women’s sport called acro and tumbling. See for more info. Not disagreeing with the sentiment of your post, but the Oregon cheerleaders are not the same people. They are not a “sport” and have a very different funding and operating model than the NCAA D1 sports teams.

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